HIA Award Winning Designer 2019

Congratulations to JAG Designer, Tania Nikolitsis, for being awarded the HIA Kitchen of the Year, New Kitchen over $55,000 Award!

The award-winning kitchen was for an existing Heritage Home extension, where the design is minimalistic and cutting edge. This kitchen has a ‘wrap-around’ look, where walls disappear and in place are hidden storage areas such as a dry bar area. The extended island is 4.6 metres, offering balance to the kitchen length. The sleek moody use of black works to compliment the rich timer finishes.

Congratulations, Tania!

How can a kitchen renovation improve the feel of your home?

The appeal of a home can be judged on the kitchen, so if yours is out of date a kitchen renovation will improve the look and feel of the space.

The kitchen has always been one of the most utilised rooms in the house but the way we think about kitchens has changed. It’s not just the materials and appliances that need renovation; it’s the approach to design and layout that will transform your life.

Historically kitchens were placed outside the home or at the back of the home because cooking required an open fireplace or wood burning stove, which involved smoke and the risk of setting light to the rest of the house.

Today most kitchens are centrally located at the hub of the home where an open layout is preferred because the whole household can participate in the process of meal preparation– even if it’s only to keep the cook company. The placement and workflow of your kitchen can make it better for socialising and bonding with family members. It also makes for a far more functional and enjoyable space to work in.

All this can be achieved with an experienced Adelaide kitchen designer. Jag Kitchens is one of South Australia’s most awarded kitchen designers who can provide a sensational kitchen renovation. Their Adelaide workshop consistently produces quality kitchens nominated for innovation and workmanship.

How a kitchen renovation can improve the feeling of space:

The feeling of spaciousness, free movement and interaction are not to be underestimated with a kitchen renovation that embraces open plan living. With clever design arrangement, even a small home can appear big and spacious when a free flow is established between the main living zones. Some difficulties can arise from the architectural challenge of removing walls, adding ventilation, new plumbing, and wiring, but that’s where your kitchen designer comes in. This is where Adelaide-based Jag Kitchens excel, offering the inspiration to project manage and execute everything to a high standard.

How a kitchen renovation can improve the social dynamic:

By opening the kitchen to the rest of the living areas, a kitchen renovation means no more isolation and compartmentalization of the food preparation process. This introduces a unity not only to the spatial arrangement but into the lives of the owners as well. The kitchen becomes an active part of the family home where you can interact with family members and guests. Entertaining will be something you’ll want to do more often because it will be easier and more enjoyable.

How a renovation can improve the visual impact of your kitchen:

Upgrading the kitchen to incorporate the latest materials and finishes revitalizes the look of your home. Trends happen over time, so no matter how classic you chose to stay, your interior décor becomes dated and the look you once loved doesn’t work as well as the years go by.

The honey oak timber cabinets were a staple in kitchens of the 1980s and ’90s have fallen out of favour and dark hues that were trending a decade ago now feel a bit overbearing. Tastes have shifted towards light-coloured cabinetry and solid colours in high gloss and matte finishes. Laminate benchtops that were popular in the ’60s and ’70s for their durability, wipe-clean convenience, and affordability have evolved and become more sophisticated, while high-end finishes such as engineered and natural stone are sought after for their beauty and individuality.

Appliances have also transformed the contemporary kitchen. Advances in technology have led to more industrial-style appliances that appear more streamlined. Cooktops have become separated from the oven and extractor hoods allow for versatility in their placement as excess steam and cooking smells can be whisked away. While many appliances have become smaller and more compact, fridges and freezers are bigger than ever. Gone are the days of white fridges and dishwashers. Now stainless steel, matte black, and integrated finishes allow for more design possibilities. Jag can demonstrate all these trends in their stylish Adelaide showroom.

How a kitchen renovation can improve the practicality of your kitchen:

The practical aspects of working in a kitchen can be addressed with a Jag kitchen renovation. Jag’s designers have worked with clients all over Adelaide and the first step is listening to your needs and assessing how to make the space work better. An experienced designer can create storage solutions, address your entertaining requirements, suggest appropriate appliances and provide innovations that will make cooking more convenient and enjoyable.

This can be as simple as redesigning the layout to provide better workflow, allocating an oven height that allows you to keep an eye on baking dishes while you are entertaining, setting the cooktop to one side so as not to restrict access to the oven or grill, or including storage drawers instead of under-bench cupboards so you don’t have to bend down all the time. Based in Adelaide, Jag’s designers consult all over South Australia.

How a kitchen renovation will restore your love of cooking:

Daily living and entertaining revolve around meals. If your kitchen is cramped, has a poor layout and lacks space for storage and preparation, you may find your whole attitude towards cooking will change after a kitchen renovation. You will find it so much more enjoyable to cook and work in a kitchen that is more spacious and better organised. If the space is attractive and appealing, you will be happier spending time in it. Thanks to technological advances your new kitchen can be an exciting place with product inclusions and appliances designed to make meal preparation easier and save you time.

How your choice of appliances can encourage you to cook more:

Kitchen technology has come a long way. For many people cooking is no longer a chore but a pleasure, or even a therapy! The stove was once an integral part of a kitchen but now we can choose from a range of appliances that allow us to bake, roast, boil, grill, fry, microwave, steam, infuse and freeze all with amazing efficiency and convenience.

The choice is endless – conventional, convection, steam, single or double, gas or electric, built-in or freestanding – with helpful features such as delayed timers, self-cleaning and childproofing. The orientation of the appliances and their heights contributes to having everything more accessible and convenient. Dishwashers allow for easy clean-up which is also environmentally responsible. Integrated media solutions allow you to watch your favourite shows or listen to your favourite music while cooking.

How a kitchen renovation transforms your entertaining:

Renovating your kitchen could also renovate your social life as it will be easier to host and cater for guests with a beautiful new kitchen to work in. Your new kitchen can integrate with living areas and outdoor areas or can incorporate seating within the kitchen area, so guests become involved with meal preparation. A kitchen renovation will add to the value of your home, but Jag can testify that a kitchen is about more than real estate; it’s central to shared times enjoyed with friends and family.

Things to ask your potential kitchen designer

The kitchen is one of most utilised and biggest selling features within a home. In recent years has become even more so the case, with kitchens truly being the heart of the home with the increased popularity of island bench seating creating a hive of activity.

Whether you plan to renovate or are building a new home, it’s a serious undertaking. It’s also an opportunity to create a result that will give you years of enjoyment and add to the value of your property.

An experienced kitchen designer can be your salvation by providing the inspiration and execution to deliver a sensational custom result. As South Australia’s most awarded kitchen designers, the team at JAG consistently produces quality kitchens that are nominated for innovation and workmanship.

What the key things I need to consider when designing my new kitchen?

What are the current trends in kitchen design?

Passionate designers will be up-to-date with all the latest trends and can take you through a range of options you may never have considered without their guidance. JAG continue to surprise and delight their clients with the latest European styles, and the most innovative products and finishes on the market. This includes everything from cabinets and work surfaces to hardware and accessories.

How does my choice of finish affect my budget?

JAG designers have access to a multitude of different materials to cater for different decors and styles. This flexibility allows them to select the appropriate material to suit the clients budget. JAG has a very strict process where all materials that are offered to clients will provide a quality outcome.

How can I maximise my bench space?

Your designer can suggest a host of clever storage options to keep bench tops clutter free. For example, appliance storage can be incorporated into the design, with a place for everything. Even the toaster and kettle can be concealed from view whilst still being easy to access - just not seen.

How can hardware and kitchen accessories make life easier?

Sometimes it is the little things that become so contentious. The annoyance of drawers that stick, cupboards that bang, and corners you can’t reach into. There are solutions for all these common problems. The quality of the hardware incorporated into every JAG Kitchen provides clients with innovative and functional storage solutions. Brands such as Hafele and Hettich ensure you can access every area of your kitchen.

Can you show me examples of other kitchens you have completed?

Look at examples of a designer’s work to see that they are innovative and responsive to their clients’ briefs. You want a custom kitchen created for your needs, so no two kitchens should be exactly alike. JAG designers can show you portfolios of kitchens from all over Adelaide that are unique to each client.

Can I see my design in 3D?

Once a brief is established and a concept is on its way, JAG designers utilize a 3D modelling package that allows clients to view their kitchen prior to construction. Clients who have difficulty visualising their designs find this tool very valuable. Asking this question is another assurance that you have chosen the right Adelaide designer for your new kitchen.

2017 HIA South Australian New Kitchen up to $30,000 winner!

A big congratulations to our very talented designer Stefan Vignogna for taking out the 2017 HIA South Australian New Kitchen up to $30,000 category award at this years HIA-CSR South Australian Awards night. This modern and sleek design is just one example of the amazing work our talented designers do! 

2017 HIA South Australian Outdoor Kitchen

Congratulations to JAG Designer, Felicity Hobbs, for winning the 2017 HIA South Australian Outdoor Kitchen award this year. The award acknowledges this stunning design that we would all love to be able to entertain in!

Polytec have introduced

Polytec have introduced WOODMATT, a range of tactile, wood grain prints for all vertical & horizontal surface. WOODMATT is designed to replicate authentic timber veneer in look, feel and warmth.

To find out more about this new and exciting product visit https://www.polytec.com.au/new-woodmatt-melamine/

The best layouts to consider when designing your kitchen layout

Feauring alongside Shannon Bennett, one of Australia’s most famous chefs and Sue Carr, a renowned Australian Interior Designer, JAG Designer Marija Novosel provides some insight to consider when designing a kitchen space.

This article by Miele outlines the important factors to consider when designing your kitchen space, touching on the importance of appliance functionality and aesthetics. Marija talks to one of her favourite projects, one which has won six awards at state, national and international level, making it one of the highest award winning kitchens here at JAG Kitchens.

To read more about this interesting article please follow the link below

2016 HIA SA Kitchen in a Display Award

Congratulations to JAG Designer, Marija Novosel! Marija won the ‘2016 HIA SA Kitchen in a Display Home Award’ at the South Australian CSR-Housing Industry Kitchen & Bathroom Awards.

The winning design is for California House, the first display home for Adelaide’s newest premier building company, Lares Homes. The theme of the home draws on the core of modern architecture, mid-century modern California, where homes are designed around lifestyle texture and luxury.

This style of architecture was the first of its kind to consider the built in furniture with the design of the interior. Materials were meticulously selected to flow from the front entry, where the soapy stone tiles meet with Blackbutt timber floors. With the entry tile flowing through to the family room, elegant pops of colour were introduced to the kitchen with the use of blackbutt veneer and heightened with hints of black linear accents and handles. The black features are supported with the client’s choice of black Miele appliances and the very trendy tap selection 

The main kitchen is situated within the family space, looking upon the living and dining area. The kitchen and pantry zones follow the theme of flow and integration, providing practical fashion.

Winner of the 2016 HIA SA New Kitchen up to $30,000

Congratulations to our Designer Rebecca Heyward for winning the 2016 HIA SA New Kitchen up to $30, 000 award last Saturday night at the South Australia CSR -Housing Industry Kitchen & Bathroom Awards. Fresh, innovative & a contemporary design best describes this award winning residential kitchen. Stone by Stoneware Productions. Congratulations to Rebecca Heyward & the team at JAG Kitchens.

SA HIA New Kitchen $45,001-$55,000 award

Congratulations yet again to Marija Novosel & the team at JAG Kitchens for receiving the 2016 HIA SA Commendation New Kitchen $45, 001-$55, 000 award. With the breathtaking intricate details this design functions tremendously for this modern day family home.