Planning your kitchen

While we always encourage an inspirational visit to the stunning Jag Showroom, we understand this may not be possible for you at this time and are happy to offer alternative measures.

For those of you that are building a new home or completing an extension and have architectural plans, you are welcome to submit your plans online via the form below.

If you are renovating an existing space and do not have drawings, we are happy to come to your home and complete a measure. Alternatively, you can fill in the form below and email us with the measurements and information our designers need. You can download a Jag grid page to help with your room layout.

Please ensure that you supply all of your contact details.
We will have one of our design consultants contact you within 48 hours.

Please supply us with the following information:

1. Firstly, send through the overall layout of your room with dimensions. We have included a graph layout sheet to assist you in this process. You may also access the real-estate floor plan from the internet. The room layout dimensions will need to include:
  • Overall room dimensions
  • Window widths and heights
  • Door openings
  • Please mark the plumbing waste pipe location
  • Ceiling height
You are welcome to download our JAG grid page to assist you in generating your dimensioned room layout.
Upload your layout here (PDF, Doc or JPEG):
File size should be kept as small as possible.
2. Photographs help immensely – 4-6 images of your existing kitchen space allow us to visually understand the kitchen orientation in the home.
Upload your photos here (JPEG):
File size should be kept as small as possible.
3. Style of Kitchen:
4. Select your preferred benchtop:
5. Your name:
6. Your phone number: