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Things to ask your potential kitchen designer

The kitchen is one of most utilised and biggest selling features within a home so you want to get it right. Whether you plan to renovate or are building a new home, it’s a serious undertaking. It’s also an opportunity to create a result that will give you years of enjoyment and add to the value of your property. An experienced kitchen designer can be your salvation by providing the inspiration and execution to deliver a sensational custom result. One of South Australia’s most awarded kitchen designers is Adelaide-based Jag Kitchens. Their team consistently produces quality kitchens nominated for innovation and workmanship.

What the key things I need to consider when designing my new kitchen?

You should consider the size, layout, workflow, how the layout and position flow with rest of the home, style of the existing home, the look you want to achieve, functionality, the type of cooking you prefer, the amount of storage space required, the number of people in the household, entertaining considerations, aspect, natural light and lighting, doors and windows, any view to utilise and, of course, your budget. You will also need to discuss any constraints, likes and dislikes.

What are the current trends in kitchen design?

Passionate designers will be up-to-date with all the latest trends and can take you through a range of options you may never have considered without their guidance. Jag’s kitchen designers continue to surprise and delight their clients with the latest European styles, and the most innovative products and finishes on the market. This includes everything from cabinets and work surfaces to hardware and accessories.

How does my choice of finish affect my budget?

Jag’s designers have access to a multitude of different materials to cater for different decors and styles. This flexibility allows them to select the appropriate material to suit the clients budget. Jag has a very strict process where all materials that are offered to clients will provide a quality outcome.

How can I maximise my bench space?

Your designer can suggest a host of clever storage options to keep bench tops clutter free. For example, appliance storage can be incorporated into the design, with a place for everything. Even the toaster and kettle can be concealed from view, easy to access but not seen.

How can hardware and kitchen accessories make life easier?

Sometimes it’s the little things that become so contentious. The annoyance of drawers that stick, cupboards that bang and corners you can’t reach into. Jag’s designers know there is a solution for all these common problems. The quality of the hardware incorporated into every Jag Kitchen provides clients with innovative and functional storage solutions. Brands such as Hafele, Hettich and Blum ensure you can access every area of your kitchen.

Can you show me examples of other kitchens you have completed?

Look at examples of a designer’s work to see that they are innovative and responsive to their clients’ briefs. You want a custom kitchen created for your needs, so no two kitchens should be exactly alike. Jag’s designers can show you portfolios of kitchens from all over Adelaide that are unique to each client.

Can I see my design in 3D ?

Once a brief is established and a concept is on its way, Jag’s designers utilize a 3D modeling package that allows clients to view their kitchen prior to construction. Clients who have difficulty visualising their designs find this tool very valuable. Asking this question is another assurance that you have chosen the right Adelaide designer for your new kitchen.

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